Answers to “Why I attend church at St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church in Chelsea, Quebec.”

“At St. Mary Magdalene Church, everyone is so welcoming. Being part of this church, I feel rooted in this community of Chelsea, and I am inspired to give back, since God has given me so much!”

“When our family moved to Chelsea, we looked to the local Anglican church to help us build a link with our new community. Twenty-eight years later, SMM is still our connection to the wonderful community of Chelsea and beyond. The spiritual life is important, and the outreach ministry is vital, too, as we serve and support those in need. The congregation may be small, but its heart is enormous!”

 “I belong to St. Mary Magdalene Church because of the good work the congregation has done, is doing and can do to help those who are disadvantaged, struggling or in need in our community and beyond. The church and the church community are a comfort to me.”