Hello SMM family and friends

Church on Sunday will be 10am at the church as we joyfully and carefully gather for in-person worship. We continue to observe the protocols of our Diocese so wear your mask and keep your distance. Please let me know of any needs or concerns you would like included in the Sunday prayers. The service outline and children’s page are available on the Sunday Service and Children’s Sunday School pages. We are under capacity limits so registering is recommended although not necessary as our summer numbers tend to be low.

On August 3rd our diocese will be moving to ‘Yellow’ which means we will be permitted to sing behind our masks and receive the wine at communion. You may not feel comfortable receiving the wine so please know that receiving only the bread is just fine and sufficient for full communion. Check out the latest “In This Together version 3.2” and also an article by Rev Michael Garner “The Common Cup and SARS-CoV-2 Infection Risk”. at https://www.ottawa.anglican.ca/index.php/covid-19

Be safe as you enjoy the summer.