Our Priest

Our Priest

The Reverend Cathy Davis, Interim Priest-in-Charge 

Phone: 613-292-9841

Email: cathyadavis@gmail.com

Cathy Davis was born in Kingston, Ontario. Her father served in the Canadian Armed Forces, and while growing up, Cathy lived in a number of different places, including Saskatchewan, Texas, Kingston, England, Alberta and Ottawa. Cathy attended secondary school and university in Ottawa. At Carleton University, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry and a Master of Arts degree in Public Administration. Later, she studied at the University of Toronto, where she earned a Master of Divinity degree from Wycliffe College.

Cathy admits that as a child, her aim in life was simply to grow up to be “a good person.” That’s a fitting goal for someone who eventually became an Anglican priest! In grade seven, Cathy met Rob Davis at school. It may have started as “puppy love,” but it was meant to last. Cathy and Rob married in 1980. Today, they have four adult children and five grandchildren! Cathy says she is “incredibly proud” of her amazing children. Early in life, Cathy’s worship experience was with the United Church of Canada. In 1981, she was confirmed in the Anglican Church. As a lay person, she ministered alongside Rob for many years. She says she “…felt privileged to serve the church as a minister’s wife. When you move, there is always a community waiting to warmly welcome you.”

After many years at home raising her children, Cathy wanted to return to the paid workforce. She thought she would work in the church, perhaps as an administrator. But to her surprise, she sensed a strong call to ordination! In 2006, then Bishop Peter Coffin ordained Cathy at Christ Church Cathedral in Ottawa. In 2006, Cathy was appointed to serve as priest at Trinity Church in Cornwall, Ontario. In 2008, she served at St. Mary the Virgin in the Ottawa suburb of Blackburn Hamlet. And in 2009, she served in the Parish of Petawawa in eastern Ontario, as priest at the churches of St. Georges Alice and All Saints Petawawa.

In 2018, Cathy retired from the ministry. Within a year, then Bishop John Chapman asked her to serve the congregation of St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church in Chelsea, on an interim, part-time basis. Cathy notes she is still learning life lessons every day. And by the way, her favourite colour is blue!