SPECIAL VESTRY: thanks to all who participated Sept 27
The following resolution was unanimously approved:
“That St Mary Magdalene Anglican Church hereby authorizes its Priest-in-Charge and Churchwardens to enter into an agreement, on behalf of the Diocese of Ottawa, with Grace United Church to lease, for an initial period of three years, a portion of the Church’s premises for the purpose of continuing to offer religious services and a place of worship for their congregation, as well as the use of the hall and other space in accordance with the terms of the agreement.”

HALL BOOKINGS COORDINATOR: Can you help with this ministry? Barb is ready and eager to train you.

10 am to 5 pm Enjoy the works of local artists including our friend John Shearman. Check out the web site for more information https://www.tourcw.com/

FALL STUDY: 7:30 pm, beginning on Tuesday Oct. 5.
This will be a Zoom Study using a series of short videos, the Nooma series by Rob Bell, which look at questions such as
‘What does it mean to have a relationship with God?’ and Believing in God is important but what about believing in us?’
We are invited to join our friends at Good Shepherd Wakefield.
Let Rev Cathy know if you would like the Zoom link.

Congregational Council: Tuesday Oct 5, 10 am Zoom
Thanksgiving Sunday Oct 10, 9:30 am
Synod Saturday Oct 30 on Zoom